Fortran-90 Code for the Computation of the Latent Heats of Vaporization of Argon and Krypton

The code is composed of a module of definitions defs.f90, a module of interfaces faces.f90, a main program mc.f90, a subroutine energy.f90 that computes the potential energy of a configuration of atoms, and a subroutine stat.f90 that computes the mean value and standard deviation of the potential energy of the equilibrated configurations. The file latentHeatCode.tar.gz.f90 is a g-zipped tar file of these fortran files.

One may compile these codes with the Intel F90 compiler by using the script cOmpileS, which compiles a portable executable. The command "cOmpileS latHeat" statically compiles the executable latHeat.

The file ArLiquidData1000 is a possible data file for liquid argon. The command "latHeat < ArLiquidData1000 &" will run the code for the case of liquid argon and will compute both the potential energy of the liquid U_l and the work pdV required to expand the liquid to a gas at atmospheric pressure.

The file ArGasData1000 is a possible data file for argon gas. The command "latHeat < ArGasData1000 &" will run the code for the case of argon gas and will compute the potential energy U_g of the gas.

The latent heat of vaporization of argon at its boiling point at atmospheric pressure is H = U_g - U_l + pdV.

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