Fortran-90 codes for the Monte Carlo integration of the potential across a lipid bilayer due to an oligoarginine on its surface and for the simulation of phosphatidylserines on the inner leaflet of a lipid bilayer and of sodium and chloride ions near an oligoarginine on a lipid bilayer.

The codes all use a module of definitions defs.f90.

The code that computes the average on two disks on either side of a lipid bilayer of the electric potential due to an oligoarginine on its surface is Vcpp.f90.

The code that simulates the phosphatidylserines is celpore.f90.

The code that simulates the sodium and chlride ions is rcions.f90.

The paper that these codes support is Molecular Electroporation and the Transduction of Oligoarginines.

The code checks.f90 checks that the potentials reported in Eqs.(22-25) of that paper are correct, that is, that they satisfy Eqs. (A1-6).

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