Physics 467 for spring 2014

     Homework assignments:

        Do exercises 11.1-6 by Thursday 30 January. 
        Do exercises 11.7-12 
by Thursday 6 February.
        Do exercises 11.13-18 by
Thursday 13 February.
        Do exercises 11.19-24 by Thursday 20 February.
          Do exercises 11.25-30 by Thursday 27 February.

        Do exercises 13.1-6 by Thursday 6 March.

        Do exercises 13.7-15 by Tuesday 25 March. There will be no class on Thursday 13 March, Tuesday 18 March, or Thursday 20 March. There will be a make-up class instead of a final exam on the day of that exam.

        Do exercises 13.16-21 by Thursday 3 April.

        Do exercises 13.22-27 by Thursday 10 April.

        Do exercises 13.28-29, 14.1-2, 15.1, and 15.3 by Thursday 24 April.

        Do exercises 16.6-10 and 16.12 by Thursday 3 May.

        Do exercises 16.13-16 and 18.1-2 by Thursday 10 May.

        Last semester, I assigned too much homework.   Nobody complained, so I didn't realize that I had assigned too many problems.   So please complain if I assign too many exercises, or too few.


    The textbook is Physical Mathematics.  The printing of 2014 corrects most of the known typos.  All known typos are listed on this typo web page.