Physics 581-002 and 480-001
Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 in room 184.

Here's a video of the demonstration in which I poured sulfuric acid onto some sugar in a beaker. On YouTube it's here.

Here are the class notes.
Here are my notes on probability and statistics.

Here's a gorgeous image of the genetic code.

Here's the article Flippin' lipids about flippase, floppase, and scramblase.

Here are some chapters on neurons: chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, and chapter five.

Here's a paper that Gabriel Sandoval found that says that mitochondria can reproduce in axons.

Here's a video about the packing of DNA that Matt Koppa found. The YouTube website also has videos of other topics in molecular biology.

Here are chapters 10 and 11 of MBoC5.

Here's a write-up of mine on neurons. I do not guarrantee the part about action potentials, which I wrote up some years ago, but it might be right.

Here's a paper of mine on membrane electrostatics.

Here's some info on cycles on cycles of reactions.

Here's chapter 14 of MBoC6 on mitochondria.

Here's a link to Harvard's Inner Life of the Cell videos.

Link to my lecture on on the Fisher information matrix, the Cramer-Rao lower bound, and Kolmogorov's theorem and test. Also available on YouTube.

Links of Mr. Koppa's talk on exercise, on genetic prediction, and (full article) on molecular classification.

Homework due Wednesday 26 August 2015: Derive equation (1.5) of the class notes from equation (1.4).
Homework due Wednesday 9 September 2015: Compute the number of negative ions that lie just below the surface of a cell's membrane if the radius of the cell is 1 micron and the electrostatic potential across the membrane is - 50 mV.