Physics 500 Tuesdays at 4:50 in room 1131  (Note change in time.)

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, Kevin  Cahill led a discussion of the articles Tumor stem cells switch sides and
Suppression of Antitumor Immunity by Stromal Cells Expressing Fibroblast Activation Protein­-alpha.

On Tuesday, Jan. 27, Kevin  Cahill led a discussion of the papers Proteins in dynamic equilibrium, One protein, many functions, and Malignant cells facilitate lung metastasis by bringing their own soil.

The seminar of
Tuesday, Feb.1, was cancelled by UNM due to winter.

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, Jim Thomas
led a discussion of the papers Single-Molecule Sensitivity in Optical Absorption at Room Temperature and Ground-State Depletion Microscopy: Detection Sensitivity of Single-Molecule Optical Absorption at Room Temperature.

On Tuesday, Feb. 15, Jim Thomas led a discussion of the paper Protein identification and quantification by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy: Implications for an all-optical proteomic platform.

On Tuesday, Feb. 22, Fang Huang talked about his research.

On Tuesday, March 1, Peter Relich will lead a discussion of the paper DNA aptamer­-micelle as an efficient detection/delivery vehicle toward cancer cells
and if there's time, Kevin Cahill will lead a discussion about the papers The road to integrative cancer therapies: emergence of a tumor-associated fibroblast protease as a potential therapeutic target in cancer and Awakening Immunity.

The talk normally scheduled for Tuesday in room 1131 will be by Fang Huang at the annual meeting of the Biophysical Society in Baltimore.   See their program for time and place.

On Tuesday, March 22, we will talk about the meeting of the Biophysical Society which some of us just attended.

On Tuesday, March 28, Jim Thomas will lead a discussion of the papers
A New Twist for Electron Beams and Electron Vortex Beams with High Quanta of Orbital Angular Momentum.

On Tuesday, April 5, Susan Atlas will talk.  Her title is, "Toward charge-transfer atomistic studies of the molecular motor protein kinesin."

On Tuesday, April 12th,
Susan Atlas will talk again about her work.

The seminar of April 17th was canceled by popular demand.

Kevin Cahill will talk about the electrostatics of cell membranes on April 26th.

On Tuesday, May 3, Steve Koch will talk about "Kinesin and microtubules in heavy water.  And open science success stories."