Physics 400 002

Physical English

Some notes on giving talks and writing physics papers.

Ivey Davis sent us this Powerpoint presentation about grammar.
It refers to this article mentioned in the slides.

Video of last half of lecture of 29 January.
Review of Orwell's rules and some examples of mediocre writing.
Video of lecture of 5 February.
Examples of mediocre writing and my attempts to improve on them.
Video of lecture of 12 February.
Examples of good writing.

Steven Pinker's lecture Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain.

Noam Chomsky's lecture Language, Creativity, and the Limits of Understanding. You should skip the introductions which last seven and a half minutes.
His lecture The Concept of Language.
Audio of some of Churchill's speeches.

Undergraduates may want to apply for McNair summer research scholarships; direct your questions here.