Online Physics 102

The main textbook is Physics and Technology for Future Presidents by Richard Muller.
The book The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg is an optional, extra-credit part of this course.
There will be an optional, online test that you can take to get the extra credit. Your grade in this course can only rise if you take this test.

You should try to take the quizzes on time and not let them all pile up in May.

I have made some videos about the early universe. In the first video I briefly describe Weinberg's book and then discuss some things that we learned about dark energy and dark matter after his book was published. This six-minute video is on YouTube.

In the second video, I discuss what we think may have happened in a few instants just before the Big Bang. This five-minute video also is on YouTube.

In the third video, I explain that we use the term cosmic inflation to denote what may have happened just before the Big Bang. This one-minute video also is on YouTube.

I am writing some class notes. Here they are.

Alan Guth explains inflation on YouTube

Nicola Twilley describes the discovery of gravitational waves in this New Yorker article.

A short history of the last 14 billion years.